Norway: Melodi Grand Prix Running Order Confirmed

After five weeks of heats and the appearances of pre-qualified finalists, we are Norway is ready to hold its big event for the 60th anniversary of Melodi Grand Prix. The big party is set to happen this Saturday, February 15th in Trondheim, Norway.

Trondheim Spektrum
  • Raylee
  • Didrik & Emil
  • Magnus Bokn ‘
  • Akuvi
  • Kristin Husøy
  • Rein Alexander
  • Tone Damli
  • Sondrey
  • Ulrikke
  • Liza Vassilieva

A live audience of 7,500 is expected to show up at Melodi Grand Prix this Saturday to hear the ten finalists. Stay tuned to ESCplus for review of the favorites of the Melodi Grand Prix 2020 contest.

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