Norway: Listen to KEiiNO’s new single ‘Praying’

The Norwegian trio that won the public voting at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is back with their single ‘Praying’. This is KEiiNO‘s second original work, which can already be purchased on different music platforms.

200 million TV-viewers had KEiiNO as their winners in Eurovision Song Contest in May (#6 overall). “Spirit in the Sky” charted in 11 countries, #10 iTunes Globally, #2 Global Viral Charts and went to #3 on the Norwegian Radio charts. Their follow up single, Praying, is a happy pop tune about the fear of dying, and is inspired by 90s pop. Is this how a lovechild between Ace of Base and Alan Walker would sound like? KEiiNO is touring Norway, Sweden, Germany and Spain this summer.

OUR NEW SONG IS OUT!! We’re so proud of our new baby, concieved during Sami Music Week/Sámi Musihkka Vahkku in February and babtised in Berlin this April. Once again, we wrote this song together with Alexander Nyborg Olsson, Henrik Tala and Rüdiger Schramm. Mixed by Olli Saksa and mastered by Henkka Niemistö. Thanks to Klemet Anders Buljo @Audioland an Mathias Roska for providing us with studio. And so happy to have a great team supporting KEiiNO!, said Fred, Alexandra and Tom.


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