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Montenegro: Vladana had to drastically change her stage plans

Talking to a news outlet Vladana, who represents Montenegro this year, mentioned that her stage act had to be changed drastically to fit the new stage concept in Turin, Italy. We all know by now that the stage, with the kinetic sun on it, does not work as planned.

What happened?

In the interview Vladana states that the organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin did not do everything in their power to provide Vladana and her team with the original stage plans they wanted, although a detailed outline of the act was handed to the organizers by the Montenegrin team. The original act was all about making sure that the message of the song was going to be clear to all sorts of audiences, but as Vladana put it: “not even 5% of the act was taken into consideration by the Italian organizers”.

Source:, EBU

Good rehearsals

Although things might have gone sideways in the beginning Vladana also mentions that she is Ok with how the rehearsals went once in Turin, and that she is grateful for her team of creatives, consisting out of Gojko Berkuljan and Vesna Popadić.

A “luminous” performance

Especially the idea of the disc behind Vladana (on her back) that illuminates as she breathes is an important element of her staging. The disc is a real invention, since it is designed by French Designer Clara Daguin, and it is programmed by a Google Engineer, who is part of the company’s Advanced Technology and Projects division (ATAP).

The fact that Vladana seems to be all about technology these days also adds to the fact that Vladana’s favorite act is Sam Ryder of the UK, and he sings about (advanced) “Space Man”.

Source:, EBU

Eurovision Song Contest 2022

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 10th, 12th, and 14th of May 2022 in Turin, Italy. Vladana will perform in the second Semi-final on Thursday May 12th 2022.


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