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Mia Dimšić will represent Croatia in Eurovision 2022

Mia Dimšić has managed to win the traditional DORA, getting 227 points and the 1st position by the jury and the televote. In Turin she will try to reach the final with her song “Guilty Pleasure”.

Croatia found the successor to Albina and her “Tick-Tock”, the singer Mia Dimšić with the song “Guilty Pleasure” will be in charge of leading Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 after winning the victory in their historic preselection, DORA. Mia will fight to reach the Eurovision final where Albina last year, even though she was Top 10 in televoting and jury, respectively, did not get her place in the final, finishing 11th in its semifinal. Mia Dimšić has achieved the victory with 227 points after being 1st by the jury and the televote.

the jury’s vote

The jury was organized into 10 tribunals, made up of three people each, that were distributed in different HRT centers in 10 cities over the country, which voted yesterday during the rehearsals. Giving the following results:

The televote

Viewers have been able to vote through phone calls and messages. You could vote more than once for the same song, but the HRT set at 10 the maximum number of votes that would be counted from each phone number for the same song. The televote will issue 580 points, just like the jury, which have been distributed according to the percentage of votes received. Giving the following results:


The DORA has been the national final chosen by the Balkan country to elect its representatives since the disappearance of Yugoslavia and the participation of Croatia for the first time independently in 1992, having held a total of 22 editions to date.

This year, the 23rd edition of the festival will be held in Opatija, which has given very diverse results to the country, highlighting as its best results the 4th place achieved in the 1996 Eurovision finals with Maja Blagdan and her ‘Sveta ljubav‘ and the same position in 1999 with Doris Dragović and her ‘Marija Magdalena‘.

The winner of the 2021 edition of DORA was Albina with her song ‘Tick-Tock‘ with which she won the carism of the Croatian public and got their gold ticket to Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, where she did not get the pass to the final after finishing in 11th position, thus chaining the third consecutive year that the Balkan country remained in the semifinals of Eurovision.


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