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Malta wants Veronica Rotin for Junior Eurovision 2015!

It seems the Maltese people have found their next Junior Eurovision star! A group of fans of the young singer Veronica Rotin has started a campaign on Facebook called  “Veronica Rotin to represent Malta in JESC 2015”, they want TVM to select the little performer internally and they are hopeful!

10 year-old Veronica Rotin is a young Maltese and Australian singer. She was born in Malta and then lived in Melbourne, Australia for a few years before returning to Malta.

She is another of the incredibly talented singers to emerge from the legendary “La Voix Academy” directed by Gillian Attard. Veronica Rotin has singing lessons with Gillian who is also vocal coach of well-known Eurovision artists like Gaia Cauchi (JESC 2013 winner), Federica Falzon (JESC 2014 Malta) or Amber (Eurovision 2015 Malta).

At the age of 9 years, Veronica made it to the finals of the Italian TV talent show Io Canto (I Sing) in 2013. The following year she entered the World Festival Association’s (WAF) XI International contest for young talents Lake Pearls, held in FYR Macedonia, in which she not only won her category but was also awarded the Grand Prix for the whole event and has been invited to perform at next summer’s WAF event in Russia.

If she is finally chosen by TVM, this wouldn’t be her first experience at Junior Eurovision. Veronica performed during the interval act at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 which took place in Malta.


Will TVM choose Veronica Rotin for Junior Eurovision 2015? Would you like to see her representing Malta?

Source:  Image - Kurt Paris
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39 thoughts on “Malta wants Veronica Rotin for Junior Eurovision 2015!

  1. Veronica is a great singer but without taking away any of her merits there are other artists in Malta who are as talented as she is.

    This article is very generic and the “buzz” is only because of Facebook page possibly created by those close to Veronica which does not even have 300 likes on it.

    The country should hold an open selection for songs and everyone competes on the same level. All singers and all songwriters.

    We are a democratic country after all. 🙂

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