Luxembourg: Will this country return to the contest in 2024?

The news updates about all things Eurovision 2023 are in full swing, but today it was announced that in 2024 Luxembourg might return to the contest after 29 years of absence.

Luxembourg is having discussions

Luxembourg is having internal discussions whether the country will return to the contest in 2024. The country has not participated in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1993.

Source: ESCLIVEmusic 1 YouTube channel, Modern Times – Donne-moi une chance (1993)

A possible return

The Luxembourg Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel, has started discussions to possibly return to the contest in 2024. Bettel is also the Minister of Communications and Media, and in this position he has brought the matter to return to Eurovision to the Council of Luxembourg.

RTL Luxembourg

RTL Luxembourg holds the EBU membership for Luxembourg, and the national broadcaster of Luxembourg began discussions with the government to make the return of Luxembourg in 2024 a fact.

One of the most successful countries

Luxembourg is a small country, but holds 5 victories under its belt, making it one of the most successful countries in the Eurovision Song Contest to date.

Source: Schalger Lucas YouTube channel, Luxembourg in the Eurovision Song Contest (1956-1993)


Just like Luxembourg, Monaco is also working on a possible return to the contest as soon as their new national broadcaster is up and running.

When there are updates about the possible return of Luxembourg to the contest, we are sure to update you, so for all things Eurovision, make sure to check ESCplus International.


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