Lithuania: Song titles revealed!

Lithuanian broadcaster has published the names of the 12 songs to compete at “Eurovizijos 2015”:

  • “I’m feeling love”
  • “Say you love me”
  • “Es tut mir nicht leid” (“I’m not sorry”)
  • “Not perfect”
  • “Skestu” (“Expand”)
  • “Feel my love”
  • “No more tears”
  • “Dangerous”
  • “The right way”
  • “Sound of Colours”
  • “Take my love”
  • “Factory Hearts”

The 12 candidate songs will be presented at the third “Eurovizijos 2015” show which will be aired on January 17 after having been recorded yesterday (see photos). During this show, the candidates performed the 12 tracks which weren’t necessarily the songs they will perform at Eurovision in case they win.

As last year, the Lithuanian representative and song will be chosen separately. Moreover, the first participant to be eliminated will be announced at next Saturday’s show.

Stay Tuned!

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