Serbia: Second artist and date of national selection revealed!

The date of the Serbian national selection has now been announced, and it will take place on February 14th. 3 artists will each sing an entry composed by Vladimir Graić, who wrote the only Serbian Eurovision winner to date, Molitva. The winning act will go on to represent Serbia at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna.

The first experienced artist, who will take part in the national final has also been announced. Bojana Stamenov, who rose to fame after participating in the talent show Ja Imam Talenat (the Serbian version of I Got Talent), where she made it to the final. Many has compared her to the British singer Adele, because of her powerful voice.

In December we reported that Goga Stanić and Danica Krstić had won a special show for unknown artist, where the winner would get a spot in the Serbian national selection, thus they were both expected to take part. However, it has now been decided that the best option is, that only Danica Krstić will take part, and according to Vladimir Graić, a very beautiful composition has been prepared for her.

Graić also revealed the last song has been written for a male vocalist, but it is still unknown, who will sing it. There has been several rumors speculating that it might be Danijel Pavlović, the brother of Eurovision  2007 winner, Marija Serifović.

Below you can watch Bojana Stamenov sing the song I Feel For You at her Ja Imam Talenat audition.


Watch Danica Krstić performing Bol Do Ludila at the show, where unknown singers competed for a spot in the national final.



Are you happy with Danica and Bojana being chosen for the national selection? Who are you hoping will be the male artist?

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