Lithuania: Eurovizijos enters its second half tonight!

Lithuania’s national final has now progressed pas the halfway point in a show on Tuesday. This show will air today and the judges scores will be compiled with a live televote and the international judges’ scores. Eight acts participated on Tuesday, but only five will move forward to the final rounds as we enter the last stretch for a Lithuanian winner.

The local judges for the evening, Darius Užkuraitis, Nomeda Kazlaus, Ramūnas Zilnys, and Valdas Burnys felt the end is in sight, the level of competitors is slowly rising, and not surprisingly, the final battle is starting to materialize. A brief recapping of their comments and the show order follows:

  1.  Valdas Lacko “Stay Tonight” – 5 points – Opening the show this evening, Valdas, who has been fairly popular with the public as opposed to the judges, finally got some nice praise from said judges, saying he had a ‘charming simplicity and sincerity’ with his song and that people would be seeing more from him after this performance
  2. Catrinah “Be Free” – 7 points – Given some good advice from the judges, this relative newcomer was told to be more confident and to have fun (the viewers would feel it), and needed to get a bit of a better start for the performance
  3. Ištvan Kvik & Ellada “Please Don’t Cry” – 8 points – The duo was given high marks for their vocals, so much so that the staging of the performance seemed superfluous to one judge, while others still felt there was work to be done on this entry
  4. Donny Montell “I’ve Been Waiting for This Night” – 12 points – Coming to the perceived leader of the pack (to most people), the judges seemed lackadaisical towards Donny, insisting that he’s surely one of the few great Lithuanian artists with charisma, but they also seemed to nitpick portions of the performance as if splitting hairs
  5. Eglė Jakštytė “Let Me Show You” – 6 points – The song seemed to be growing among the judges, but they also cast some shade in its direction, saying ‘they hoped the audience would give it another chance to be performed’ rather than doling out more points themselves
  6. Erica Jennings “Leading Me Home” – 10 points – For the singer who was once seen as the only real threat to Donny’s Eurovision bid, the judges gushed over the song and performance this evening, saying it was possibly the best yet, with one judge saying, “the song is still ringing in my head”
  7. Petunija “Tomorrow” – 5 points – The electro-girl that could still couldn’t find much for snacking in the judges’ picnic basket, as they commented that the best thing about her success in this competition was the experience gained for being there, admitting that the public, radio, and social media were all abuzz with Petunija, while the judges remained to nitpick the lack of footwear on stage
  8. Rūta Ščiogolevaitė “United” – 12 points –Then to the performance that came out of nowhere to contend for the top, the judges admitted its trajectory towards the finals, calling it ‘organic and professional,’ and commending the changes that were made to the staging, adding that the whole package now seemed ‘complete’

Thus, the judges placed Rūta ahead of Erica, and level with Donny, cementing the three top performers of the evening, who will all most likely be in attendance at the Eurovizijos final. Soon we’ll be throwing these seasoned performers in with their counterparts who didn’t have ready-made songs in what will surely be a spellbinding show that will separate the cream and the milk, so to speak.

You can watch this show later today on LRT at 20:00 CET.

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