Latvia: Supernova 2019 shortlisted artists announced – Listen to the songs

Slowly the 2019 national final season is starting to come into focus. Today, Latvian broadcaster LTV revealed the 33 artists shortlisted to take part in the auditions of Supernova 2019 as well as the competing songs.

The 33 artists performed in front of the professional jury this past weekend.  The selection process started last month when LTV had confirmed “Application for “Supernova 2019″ has ended, we have received 83 applications with surprising, different songs, new and interesting collaborations, brave solutions! Season 5 looks promising so far!”

The artists then had to perform live in front of the professional jury. The jury was made up of radio executives, reportedly in search of a radio-friendly hit.

The thirty-three participating artists were

  1. Waterflower “Grow”
  2. Ēriks Balodis “I know you know”
  3. Kristiāna Bumbiere “Remedy”
  4. Līga Rīdere “Būšu tepat”
  5. Roberts Ķimenis “Over”
  6. ATIS “She’s on fire”
  7. Miks Dukurs “Life”
  8. Kristīne Pastare (Peress) “Smaragdi un pelni”
  9. Markus Riva “You make me so crazy”
  10. Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens “Tautasdziesma”
  11. Miks Galvanovskis “Fake”
  12. Adriana Miglāne “Scared of love”
  13. MARTA “Grow Down”
  14. Carousel “That Night”
  15. Elza Rozentāle “You came on tiptoe”
  16. ATOM “Alligator”
  17. Miks Galvanovskis “Shattered”
  18. Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis “Free Your Mind”
  19. LIIVA “Don’t Need Nobody Like You”
  20. Alekss Silvērs “Fireworks”
  21. Edgars Kreilis “Fire”
  22. Kris & Oz “Midnight streets”
  23. Samanta Tīna “Cutting the wire”
  24. August Valdis “Candy like rain”
  25. Audiokvartāls “Tu man pajautā”
  26. Laika upe “Listen to the way that I breathe”
  27. Jeļena Matule “With you”
  28. Double Faced Eels “Fire”
  29. Kristīne Šomase “Harmony”
  30. Aivo Oskis “Somebody’s got my lover”
  31. Laime pilnīga “Awe”
  32. Roberts Memmēns “Feel”
  33. Monta “The eye of the beholder”

You can vote on each song by signing in with a social media account on the LTV website. The results of this will help LTV inform their decision on which 16 songs will move forward to the Supernova semi-finals.

Who will make it perform on season 5 of Supernova?  We expect the semi-finalists to be announced on December 5th!  Check back with us for updates!

Source : Youtube

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