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Lake Malawi is the Czech choice for Eurovision 2019

ČT has just revealed the name of the winner of the Czech national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019. Band Lake Malawi will sing “Friend of a friend” for the Czech Republic in Tel Aviv.

Eight candidates competed at the Czech final, which took place online:

The winner was decided by mix of the voting of a professional jury panel, made up of last year’s Eurovision entrants, and the public who voted through the Eurovision mobile accounting for one international juror.

You can find the members of the expert panel and their 12 points below:

  • Austria: Cesar Sampson (12 points to Barbora Mochowa).
  • Denmark: Rasmussen (12 points to Barbora Mochowa).
  • Malta: Ira Losco (12 points to Lake Malawi).
  • Switzerland: Zibbz (12 points to Barbora Mochowa).
  • Hungary: AWS (12 points to Andrea Holá).
  • Estonia: Elina Nechayeva (12 points to Lake Malawi).
  • France: Alma (12 points to Barbora Mochowa).
  • Iceland: Ari Ólafsson (12 points to Lake Malawi).
  • Ireland: Ryan O’Shaugnessy (12 points to Lake Malawi).
  • Norway: JOWST (12 points to Lake Malawi).

What do you think about the Czech choice? Let us know comments!

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