Israel: Results of today’s HaKochav HaBa show

Israel’s HaKochav HaBa L’Eurovision gets even closer to the final, as the quarter-final round has already taken place. Eight contestants are still in the race to represent Israel on home ground.

Today’s results are as follows:

  • Kobi Marimi (44%)
  • Ketreyah (95%)
  • Ofri Calfon (71%)
  • Shefita (54%)
  • Tai (69%)
  • Daniel Barzilai (59%)
  • Maya Buskila (77%)
  • Shalva Band (91%)
  • Avraham de Carvalho (56%)

Therefore, Kobi Marimi was the act eliminated in this round.

As always, all the performances are available to watch on Mako’s official site.

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