Eurovision 2014

Kazakhstan: Dealing incorporation to EBU

As the Kazakh media informs, authorities from Kazakhstan could be dealing the incorporation of their country to the European Broadcasting Union as a full active member, with the main objective of becoming a participant at the Eurovision 2014 which will be held in Denmark.

Kazakhstan would comply with the three main standards required to be admitted, as to actively use the broadcasting services of the European organism, to regularly hire broadcasting rights of various events offered by the Eurovision network, and to have their own facilities of television with an adequate technology. This last point would be the hardest requirement until now to Kazakhstan, but they are sure they have it totally solved right now in order to get the approval from the EBU.

We’ll see if they finally get the total access to the EBU and Kazakhstan becomes a full active member of the European Broadcasting Union.

Stay tuned to to be informed of the latest news of Kazakhstan in the Eurovision family!



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