Young Dancers: The Netherlands wins Eurovision Young Dancers 2013!


The thirteenth edition of the Eurovision Young Dancers, hosted by Tomasz Kammel, has taken to an end with the second victory of The Netherlands.

The twenty years old Sedrig Verwoert has been the winner of this year’s contest which has taken place in Gdansk (Poland). He has performed “The 5th element”, choreographed by Marco Gerris. The jury trio consisting of Krzysztof Pastor, Nadia Espiritu, and Cameron McMillan chose the dancers from Germany and the Netherlands for the final duel, after that they decided that Sedrig Verwoert from the Netherlands is the winner of the 2013 edition of Eurovision Young Dancers and gets the prize of 7,000 Euros.

This is the second time The Netherlands wins this competition. The first time was in 2005 with Milou Nuyens and that edition also took place in Poland.

The runner up of the dance contest of the Eurovision family has been the German Felix Berning performing “Home”, choreographed by himself and Felix Landerer.

The other 8 countries that have taken part in the competition have been Armenia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Sweden and Ukraine.

Here you have the performances of the first 5 contestants with the group dance:

  •  The Armenian Vahagn Margaryan performing “Blind Alley”:


  •  The Belarusian Yana Shtangey performing “Esmeralda Variation”:


  •  The winner of this edition, the Dutch Sedrig Verwoert performing “The 5th Element”:


  •  The Swedish Stephanie Liekola Isla performing “Entrapped”:


  •  The Ukrainian Nikita Vasylenko performing “The Legend of Spartacus”:


  •  The first group of countries (Armenia, Belarus, The Netherlands, Sweden, Ukraine) performing at the stage:


The second half of contestants with their group dance, below:

  •  The Czech Adéla Abdul Khalegová performing “Love Under Pressure”:


  •  The Polish Kristóf Szabó performing “My Life and Love Might Still Go on in Your Heart”:


  •  The Norwegian Julie Schartum Dokken performing “Moment”:


  •  The Slovenian Patricija Crnkovič performing “Passion”:


  •  The runner up, the German Felix Berning performing “Home”:


  •  The group of Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Slovenia and Germany performing:


We hope you have enjoyed the show! Congratulations to The Netherlands and Sedrig Verwoert!

If you haven’t watched the contest yet or you want to watch it again, click here.

The next contest will be held in 2015, in the mean time, you can find news about the other Eurovision contests on Stay tuned!



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