Junior Eurovision: Watch Swedish live performance at national final!

Julia Kedhammar’s live performance at Lilla Melodifestivalen 2014 can be watched now!

SVT had only released the live audio and the video recording was uploaded yesterday to the official Junior Eurovision channel on Youtube. We have now joined audio and video and this is how Julia’s performance took place almost 4 months ago.

The Swedish final for Junior Eurovision 2014 was broadcasted live on June 6, the show took place in the Gröna Lund amusement park located in Stockholm.

The show was hosted  by Kim Ohlsson and broadcasted live on Radio P4 (audio only). As the past three years, the pre-recorded show is expected to be broadcasted on TV later in October-November, a few days before Junior Eurovision 2014 which will take place on November 15 in Malta.

Sweden was the first country choosing participant for this year’s Junior Eurovision, Julia was selected among 10 candidates by a professional jury leaded by the Melodifestivalen supervisor and Eurovision 2013 producer Christer Björkman (MORE INFORMATION HERE).

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