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Junior Eurovision: Ukranian final today!

Ukranian national final for Junior Eurovision will take place this night in the International Children’s Center “Artek”. The show will be broadcasted live on the First Channel at 20.15 CET.

The running order is at It follows:

  1. Sofia Kutsenko (Kyiv) – Lastivka   (STUDIO VERSION)
  2. Erik Saharian – Ti Kohay
  3. Valeri – Tviy Noviy den   (STUDIO VERSION)
  4. Adelina Logvynenko – Goya   (STUDIO VERSION)
  5. Duet “Radiosim’ya” – Sonste, more y ostrovi
  6. Ivanna Orlyuk – Chekayu   (STUDIO VERSION)
  7. Kirill Sokolov – Divchinka-Schastya   (STUDIO VERSION)
  8. Yana Guruliova – Viter   (STUDIO VERSION)
  9. Trio “Bon Appetite” – Texas   (STUDIO VERSION)
  10. Hristina Tkachuk – Mama   (STUDIO VERSION)
  11. Band “Kapriz” – Pinya Poyednaye nas
  12. Andriy Boyko – Lyubov u Kozhnomu   (STUDIO VERSION)
  13. Dmitry Ludanniy – Zasinay   (STUDIO VERSION)
  14. Band “Co.Mix” – Chicago   (STUDIO VERSION)
  15. Inessa Gritsaenko – Znayu   (STUDIO VERSION)
  16. Polina Andreeva – Tvoya Zemlya (STUDIO VERSION)
  17. Sofia Kutsenko (Kharkiv) – Rozpovid    (STUDIO VERSION)
  18. Alim Khakimov – Prosti Slova   (STUDIO VERSION)
  19. Sofia Tarasova – We are One
  20. Anna Vagabova – Happy Life   (STUDIO VERSION)

The winner will be chosen by a mix of jury and public vote available during the show. Who will succeed the winner of JESC Nastya Petrik?

Unfortunately we won’t be able to launch a live report but you can watch the show live here.

Junior Eurovision

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