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Junior Eurovision: A sextet to represent Georgia!

Georgian representatives for Junior Eurovision 2013 have been announced!

The creative team of GPB made its decision regarding the qualifiers of 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest (JESC). Four females and two males were selected out of 22 participants. The selected children are: Mariam Shavladze, Mariam Samushia, Tamta Diasamidze, Ana Kvantaliani, Saba Chachua, Luka Gogiberidze . They will form a group, which will represent Georgia at 2013 JESC. Producer Giga Kukhianidze will work with Georgian group.

  • Mariam Shavladze (10 years): Has taken part in many projects, including “Ana Bana”.


  • Mariam Samushia and Tamta Diasamidze (11 years): Both have experience taking part in some musical competitions. Tata sings in the group “Patara Kartvelevshi” headed by MEKO research.




  • Ana Kvantaliani (12 years): This is her first experience of this kind.


  • Saba Chachua (13 years): He is singer in the vocal ensemble “Imedi”. In 2006, he took part at “Morning Star” Festival where he came 1st. The same year, he won the first prize at “World of Childhood” Grand Prix in Moscow. In 2007, he took part in two different projects: “Ana, what a wonderful word” and “Ana – Let It Be”. In 2011, he took the 3rd prize at “Golden Shell” Festival and he won the first prize at children’s Festival of Eurasia wich took part in Almaty (Kazakhstan).


  • Luka Gogiberidze (14 years): He plays the guitar and took part in “The Voice ” Kids Georgia.


Giga Kukhianidze, owner of Bzikebi Studio, has produced the most part of the Georgian entries: 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. All Giga’s performances have reached the top 5 in the final results, will they end successfully again?

Video-report of the internal auditions can be seen below:

The 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted by NTU, the Ukrainian broadcaster. The contest will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine on November 30.

Junior Eurovision

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