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Junior Eurovision: Russia releases final version for “Dream” by Dimitris Kontopoulos!

Misha Smirnov has just presented the final version for his song “Dream” (Mechta)!

The arrangement has been made by the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos and it includes some parts sang in English. Dimitris is a ver well-know composer in the Eurovision panorama as he composed some former entries:

2008: “Shady Lady” (Ukraine)
2009: “This Is Our Night” (Greece)
2012: “We Are the Heroes” (Belarus)
2013: “Hold Me” (Azerbaijan)
2014: “Shine” (Russia)

Listen to the new version of “Dream” below:

“I want to say a BIG-BIG THANKS to the author of this arrangement – the Greek composer Dimitris Kontopoulos (Δημήτρης Κοντόπουλος) and to the Academy of Popular Music of Igor Krutoy, which helps me so much in preparing for the competition and had worked so hard to make the “Dream” much better! I love you.”, says Misha.

Misha will represent Russia after winning the Russian national final for Junior Eurovision 2015!

What do you think about the new version?

Junior Eurovision

14 thoughts on “Junior Eurovision: Russia releases final version for “Dream” by Dimitris Kontopoulos!

  1. I love this new version from Russia very much !! The song is still great.

    Now we have to wait for the songs from 3 country ‘s

    Ireland,San Marino and Malta, which we can hear tomorrow. I am so curious to hear the last 3 songs. I think this year ‘s JESC is wonderfull and it has a lot of great songs, just as last year !!

  2. Well it really is the same…It was just unnecessary to revamp the russian song as it doesn’t sound different with the first version..
    I can see the difference on Albania’s revambed version for example but not with Russia’s…Anyway..

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