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Junior Eurovision: New violation of rules found at Ukrainian selection

NTU has just informed us that the group “Zabava” with the song “Ukraino, nene” has been disqualified from the Ukrainian selection for Junior Eurovision 2014.

“Due to the violation of the rules and requirements that are officially exist for all the JESC entries participating in the Ukrainian National Selection, the National Television Company of Ukraine has to reject the Vocal Ensemble “Zabava” (“Fun”) from participation in the National Final.

Since the song “Ukraino, nene” performed by “Zabava” is disqualified, nineteen (19) entries will compete in the Ukrainian National JESC final.”

According to NTU, the song would have been released last year and they group would have performed it in other musical contest, the rules say the participating songs can’t be released before May 1 . On the other hand, the leader of the vocal ensemble “Zabava” has stated to ESC+Plus that it was because the composer of the song didn’t want to give the song rights to the broadcaster.

This is the second disqualification in the Ukrainian selection for Junior Eurovision 2014 after officially announcing the finalists. Some days ago, Polina Ryzhak was disqualified because her song was a translation of the Miley Cyrus’ song “Nobody’s Perfect” and she was replaced by the group “Fresh”.

The group “Zabava” won’t be replaced, so 19 entries will compete in the Ukrainian final for Junior Eurovision 2014:

  1. Elizaveta Zadoya – Vesna
  2. Duet “Double Smile”- Omriyana Zemlya
  3. Sofia Yaremova – We are Ukraine
  4. Trio “Smile” – Up and Down,  Вгору та вниз
  5. Stasy MJ – Povernit Moyu Mriyu
  6. Duet Zviosdnaia kapel (Star Drops) – Oberig
  7. Anna Trincher – Nebo Znaye
  8. Sofiya Rol – V Tvoyih Dolonyah Vse
  9. Yuliana Vasilovskaya – Tviy Nomer Odin
  10. Veronica Erokhova – Znov Shasliva ya
  11. Duet Nina & Vasya Boykoby – Moya Stihiya
  12. Denis Frolov – Sontse
  13. Yarina Taras – Moya Ukraino
  14. Trio: Sofiia Kutsenko, Amaliia Krymska, Marta Rak. – Since the 20th finalist was chosen as a winner of the TV project “Music Academy  Eurovision”, their song for the national final is being prepared at the moment.

The show of the Ukrainian National Final is scheduled for Saturday, 9 August at 20.30 and will be broadcast live on the First National Channel.

Do you agree with this decision?



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