Junior Eurovision

Junior Eurovision: Meet the 12 participants of Kazakhstan’s final

Khabar Agency has just revealed the 12 candidates that will compete in the live final of the Kazakhstani national selection for Junior Eurovision 2020. The lucky performers, who will take part in the show on September 26th, have been selected by the public via online voting and an expert panel.

The Kazakhstani national selection is coming to an end. The final 12 candidates have now been decided and are just one step closer to representing their country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Warsaw:

  • Saniya Altynbekkyzy
  • Karakat Bashanоva
  • Adiya Burhanоva
  • Kamila Gazizkyzy
  • Jean Makim
  • Akzhibek Manarbekkyzy
  • Aiym Mukitanova
  • Islam Saipolda
  • Mahinur Tursunоva
  • Aydana Zhumazhan
  • Nurshat Kusanоva
  • Tleubek Ajkerim

The Kazakhstani winner will be selected by the public via SMS or phone at the televised national final on 26 September. In case of a tie, the professional jury panel will choose the winning entry between the tied acts.

The jury panel of the Kazakhstani national selection is made up of the following members:

  • Bagym Mukhitdenova – Music producer.
  • Khamit Shangaliev – Music producer, composer, sound producer and arranger.
  • Yerlan Bekchurin – Sound producer.
  • Zanar Dugalova – Winner of “Turkvision” (2014).
  • ӘMRE – Winner of “Slavianski Bazaar” (2018).
  • Dinaya – Runner-up of “New Wave” (2015).
  • ZaQ – Lead singer of Ninety One group.
  • Indira Edilbaeva – Superfinalists of “The Voice of Ukraine” (2020).

The show format and location will be subject to the latest Covid19 events.

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