Junior Eurovision: Listen to the Maltese song “Diamonds”!

The last entry for Junior Eurovision 2014 has just been presented! 11-year old mezzo-soprano Federica Falzon will represent Malta on home-ground, listen to her song “Diamonds” below:

“Diamonds” has been composed by the team behind the Junior Eurovision 2013 winning entry “The Start”: Matt Muxu Mercieca (lyrics), Elton Zarb (music) with the assistance of Federica’s vocal coach Gillian Attard (La Voix Academy).

The song is “super emotional”, which makes her shiver every time she hears it.  Federica’s colours in her voice and the depth of the lyrics are what inspired the musicians to compose this song”, stated Elton Zarb.  Matt Muxu Mercieca added that “to obtain your dream you must go through obstacles and rise above anything in the way in order to let the world see the light inside of you”.

The video is about this ambitious imaginative girl who reaches her visions. The style is surreal, abstract and creative. It takes place in two different locations. The first location shows Federica in a white room which represents the girl’s mind. The second location is at the beach; which is where the girl was looking for her dreams.

The song and the video use diamonds as a metaphor to suggest that no dream is out of reach as long as one believes in one’s own dreams. “The song inspired me immediately! I also have many dreams. Though at first some dreams may seem out of reach, if one works on them, they may become possible and reachable” said Nadya Cachia, the video director.

The video of the song Diamonds was produced and directed by VSquared Media and Entertainment for PBS Ltd.

What do you think if the host country’s song?



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