Junior Eurovision: Limelights’ Anna Jalkéus needs your help!

Anna Jalkéus, half of the vocal duo The Limelights who represented Sweden in Junior Eurovision 2004 with the song “Varför jag?” (“Why Me?”), and her band are looking for funds to release their debut album “Estrogenia”.

The former Swedish representative has been studying for an Artist Certificate in Jazz harp and voice at the University of North Texas in the USA. Over the past 2 years, she has gathered together a group of talented musicians and formed the Anna Jalkéus Group to perform her compositions. After performing live gigs and putting the videos on YouTube the Group has selected and recorded the 10 best songs that Anna has written and are now ready to release their debut album to be called “Estrogenia”.

In order to be able to release the CD Anna and the Group are raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign where you can not only pre-order copies of the CD or a digital download version, you can also get other great stuff like bumper stickers, t-shirts, printed versions of the music, your very own song written by Anna, a phone message from Anna (or one of the band), a kazoo that was used in the recording, an hour Skype lesson, a private concert in your own home from Anna or the band (if you live near Dallas or are happy to pay travel and accomodation expenses on top), or other rewards. You can check out the campaign, and pledge towards the album here. You only have until 6 February 2018 to pledge with the album expected to be released in May.

The music is a mix a Modern Jazz, Rock Fusion, Avante-Guard, and a bit of Swedish Folksong so it is bound to something new in interesting. You can also listen to some previews of 5 of the songs on Anna’s Soundcloud below:

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