Junior Eurovision: David Kennedy, the first finalist in Ireland!

The first heat of the Irish national selection for this year’s Junior Eurovision has just finished and we have got the first name fighting for the ticket to Sofia in the grand final. The jury decided that David Kennedy is making it through after a final ”sing-off” with Lisa-Rose McMahon.

Eight acts took part at tonight’s semi-final, they were: (qualifier in bold)

  • Amy Meehan (13) – “Gan Tú”
  • Eva Roantree (15) – “Geallaim Duit”
  • David Kennedy (13) – “Fuar”
  • Ellen McAteer (15) – “Dubh Agus Bán”
  • Jessica Doolan (11) – “Mise Sa Todhchaí”
  • Katie O’Donoghue (15) – “Síscéal”
  • Lise-Rose McMahon (14) – “Bris Amach”
  • Eva Campbell (13) – “I Mo Fhéileacán”

Do you agree with the jury? Are you happy with the song that made it to the final? Stay tuned to and the journey of Ireland through the contest at their début this year in Sofia.



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