Junior Eurovision: Bulgaria releases official video for “Colour of Hope”!

BNT has just released the official video for their entry “Colour of Hope” to be performed on home-ground by Gabriela Yordanova and Ivan Stoyanov!

“Colour of Hope” is written by Evgeni Dimitrov, Slavi Trifonov and Georgi Milchev-Godji, with the lyrics by Gabi herself together with Ivaylov Vulchev. These names are well-known to the fans cause they also co-wrote Krisia’s ”Planet Of The Children” and this year’s theme song, ”Discover”.

Gabi will be supported on stage by Ivan Stoyanov, who finished in second place in the Bulgarian selection. He will join her at the end of the song, adding his voice because of the specifics of the song.

Do you like the Bulgarian video?



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