It’s finished! Take a look at the Junior Eurovision 2018 stage in Minsk

A few hours ago, ESCplus was informing on the latest updates about this year’s Junior Eurovision stage inside the venue in Minsk – now we can finally confirm that it is actually ready for all these year’s stars to take it next week!

Everything is ready in Minsk to kick off this year’s extravaganza! – The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 is set to happen next week in the Belarussian capital and the singers are ready to give it their all on stage, which is now ready to embrace them. The Stand-In rehearsals started today and BTRC released some small video pieces on its daily news bulletin, so take it a look down below!

Cue-Pilot system which helps to monitor the camera shots much easier at the live broadcast has also been applied for the first time this year. This technique has been used at the Eurovision Song Contest since 2014.

If you were wondering how a proper act like Ukraine will be shown on stage, the answer is also right below:

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#JuniorEurovision2018 Репетиция

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The latest preparations are also taking place in Minsk, where all these year’s volunteers have received some official merchandising and their badges to wear throughout next week in Minsk.

As you can already notice from the pictures above, the LED screens are now on their respective positions as well as the main and central platform where the 20 acts will stand to perform their songs. The Green Room has also been installed at this point and it is embraced by LED screens as well.  The set design includes a 14-meter circular main stage and a smaller circular stage of 7 meters connected to the main stage by a 7-meter long bridge.

Galina Gomonova, the designer behind this year’s stage concept, was inspired by her previous works at the Belarusian finals for both Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, which she has designed since 2004. Galina studied at the Academy of Architecture in Belarus and she is a member of the Belarusian Union of Designers. She has also worked on the most popular TV shows in her native Belarus.

Official rehearsals for the competition will start next week.

20 countries will fight for this year’s trophy as Kazakhstan and Wales will take the stage for the first time on the 25th of November 16:00 PM. Stay tuned for the upcoming details on the show!

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