Spain: Ruth Lorenzo willing to come back as a composer in 2019

The singer revealed she has decided to take part in the national song selection process for Tel Aviv as one of the ‘Operación Triunfo’ singers would perform one of her tracks at Eurovision if it gets chosen

It has always been known that ‘The X Factor UK’ artist and Eurovision 2014 Spanish entrant Ruth Lorenzo wants to make a Eurovision come back in the future.

Once again, she spread this statement on RTVE during the live broadcast of ‘OT 2018: El Chat‘, where she was invited as a guest to have some fun with the OT teachers and participants after the actual gala which took place beforehand. This show had a fixed theme and was all about singing some Eurovision entries, most of them were previous Spanish entries such as ‘En Un Mundo Nuevo’ or ‘Bailar Pegados’.

Ruth went on to say she was one of the composers which had taken the step to match one of her written tracks to one of the OT 2018 contestants for Eurovision. For the ones that support the idea of every country singing in their language, you will be glad to know that  Spanish broadcaster RTVE has only accepted songs which are mainly written in Spanish. Yes, Ruth Lorenzo has not been given the chance to write in English this time.

Yesterday, Lorenzo was invited to make up and complete the last spot of the jury which evaluates the singers’ evolution every week and even though she had to let Famous away from qualifying through to the next show, the singer admitted that is her real favourite of the entire group of contestants. Famous has been appointed as the one who is more keen on representing Spain in Tel Aviv, among the other 15 contestants and thanks to the OT teachers, he will continue taking us to his music bubble next week.

Submission period ends today as RTVE has already stated that more than 300 songs are now in their hands. The style which seems to prevail is supposed to be pop and ballads, but as they also hinted, we could still listen to some rock, latino or even trap. Well-known Spanish composers are also involved in the submission process, some of them are David Santiesteban, who wrote ‘La Vida Solo es Una‘ for María Isabel in 2016; Brisa Fenoy, behind ‘Lo Malo‘ in 2018 and Carlos Jean, who sent an open request for anyone having ideas on how the perfect song for Eurovision would have to be.

The ‘Dancing In The Rain‘ singer from Murcia has recently written a pop track for one of the OT 2017 contestants Marina Jade., give it a listen below:

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