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Italy: Audience figures show Sanremo’s first night was a huge hit

By all accounts, it’s turning out to be a special year for the Sanremo song festival. After the debut of the festival last night, which marks the 70th edition of the Italian weeklong tradition – we have some interesting viewing figures which show how engaged the Italian audience is this year.

  • An average of 10 million viewers watched the first night of the Italian event (52.2% viewing share).
  • The first part of the show was followed by 12.5 million viewers (51.24% viewing share) while the second part (i.e. after midnight) was followed by 5.7 million viewers (56.22%).
  • This is the best audience for the first show since 2005 and it represents an increase of one million viewers and 2% compared with 2019).
  • Fiorello‘s opening monologue registered an increase from 32.7% to 43.2% on Rai Uno.
  • Tiziano Ferro‘s performance of “Almeno tu nell’universo” increased the viewing share from 49.9% to 54.4%.
  • Rula Jebreal’s monologue about violence against women caused an increase of 1.9% share, nearing 59%.
  • The audience peak came at 21:45 with 14.9 million viewers with Achille Lauro‘s performance. The viewing share peak came at 00:27 with 59.6% during Emma Marrone‘s appearance. You can watch Emma perform the medley of her hits here.
  • Highest viewing share for the 15-24 age group since 1997 (average of 61.7%; 65.6% for men and 56.8% for women, reaching 80% at some points).
  • The preview show Primafestival was watched by 8.6 million people and had a 31.5% viewing share.
  • There were over 3 million interactions with the hashtag #Sanremo2020 on social media; an 8% increase over 2019.

Check out all the night 1 performances here:

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