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Italy 2024: Angelina Mango will change her entry slightly

RAI, the Italian public broadcaster, has announced that this year’s Italian representative, Angelina Mango, will change her entry slightly. The parties necessary to make changes to Angelina’s song are busy with modifying the song.

Changes in Italian entry

The changes of Angelina Mango’s song will be made in the music and lyrics of the song, this is because of the length of the song. Eurovision entries must not exceed the limit of three minutes, and Angelina’s song, “La Noia”, is three minutes and nine seconds.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel (EBU)

About Angelina Mango

Angelina Mango was born on April 10th 2001 in the south of Italy. Angelina is the daughter of the famous Italian singers and songwriters Pino Mango and Laura Valente. Angelina and her brother enjoyed a great musical education. During her childhood. Angelina was influenced by Aretha Franklin, Nirvana, but also the Rolling Stones.

Angelina started singing in 2016 in Milan, where she joined a band with her brother. She released her first single in 2020 before the release of her first LP, “Monolocale”.

When will Italy compete in Eurovision 2024?

Italy will compete in the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 in Malmö (Sweden). Italy is one of the Big Five countries, so they do not have to compete in the Semi-finals. The 2024 Grand Final will be televised live on May 11th 2024.

Who competed for Italy in Eurovision 2023?

In the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool (UK) Italy was represented by Marco Mengoni with the song “Due Vite”. In the Grand Final Marco Mengoni ended in 4th place (of 26).

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel (EBU)

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