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Israel: Dana International to attend the Eurovision 60th anniversary!

BBC broadcaster organizer of the Eurovision 60th anniversary has invited Dana International to take part at this celebration.

Dana International was the winner of Eurovision 1998 in the United Kingdom with the song “Diva”, that was the third Israeli victory at Eurovision. Moreover, she has announced her plans to record her Eurovision song “Diva” again.

Dana International has attended Eurovision many times. After winning Eurovision back in 1998, she took part in Belgrade as the composer of Boaz’s song “The Fire In Your Eyes”. There, she met Chalotte Perrelli eight years after giving her the winner trophy in 1999. Dana International made a come-back representing Israel in 2011 with the song “Ding Dong” but she didn’t reach the final.

Source:  Israel Hayom Newspaper - Eran Swissa
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