Israel: Check results of HaKochav Haba duel show 2!

The third round of the Israeli talent show HaKochav HaBa L’Eurovision is in full swing as the second show has been broadcast a few minutes ago. All the candidates qualified from last week’s second round will compete in this new one, which will be aired everyday until Tuesday.

The second show of the Israeli national selection duel phase has been broadcast today with three more duels and three new qualifiers. In this round, all twenty remaining acts were paired to face off in duels and the winners will move on to the next stage of the competition. At the end of this round, two non-qualfied acts will be awarded a wildcard, so there will be 12 candidates left for the next phase.

The voting for this round works in a similar way to the first round. However, this time the public has a say and the results will be given in points. Each jury member can award the contestants either 8 or 0 points, so the panel gives up to 40 points, while the rest are decided by the viewers. As the maximum is 100 points, the outcome is given in percentages.

Today’s show featured three duels, whose winners are marked in bold below:

  • Na’ama Gali Cohen (64%) vs Daniel Barzilai (80%)
  • Shefita (41%) vs Tai (89%)
  • Kobi Merimi (57%) vs Liat Eliyahu (51%)

The following acts have already qualified for the next round:

  • Tai (89%)
  • Osher Biton (87%)
  • Maya Buskila (81%)
  • Daniel Barzilai (80%)
  • Clara Sabag (76%)
  • Kobi Merimi (57%)

You can watch all the performances on Mako’s official site.

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