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“Please Vote for Us”: iolanda’s Message Before Semifinal | Portugal Eurovision 2024 Interview

In this exclusive interview with iolanda, Portugal’s representative at Eurovision 2024, she shares her exhilarating journey to the competition in Sweden. iolanda expresses her excitement about experiencing a new culture and the thrill of performing on such a grand stage for the first time. With the Portuguese flag in hand, she exudes confidence and readiness for the upcoming semifinal, conveying her eagerness to showcase her talent with the song “Grito.” #Portugal #Eurovision #Grito

Reflecting on her first rehearsal, iolanda describes the rush of emotions and the impeccable synchronization of her performance with her team. As she prepares for the second rehearsal, she admits to feeling nervous, especially knowing that her family will witness her performance live for the first time. Despite the jitters, iolanda remains focused on delivering a stellar performance, driven by her small-town roots and newfound appreciation for the Eurovision atmosphere.

iolanda extends her heartfelt gratitude to her fans, promising to reply to their messages and expressing her desire to connect with them personally. She concludes with a special message to the viewers, urging them to vote for Portugal during the semifinal and emphasizing her team’s dedication to making their country proud.