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“It’s Real, It’s Here”: Gåte’s Interview Ahead of Eurovision 2024 Semi-final 2

Gåte, representing Norway with their song “Ulveham,” shares their anticipation and emotions as they gear up for Eurovision 2024 in Malmo. With rehearsals and interviews underway, they reflect on the journey from pre-parties to the grand stage. Despite the nerves, the opening ceremony with the symphony orchestra marked the realization that this is the moment they’ve been waiting for. Fans have made them feel welcomed, embodying the spirit of Eurovision where everyone cheers for each other.

#EurovisionJourney As one of Norway’s biggest bands, Gåte feels privileged to be in Sweden, embraced by the Eurovision community. Amidst busy days of rehearsals, they’ve found time to explore Malmö, even experiencing traditional naked swimming. Stepping onto the Eurovision stage for the first time evoked emotions, reminding them of the magic they grew up witnessing. Regardless of the outcome, they’re cherishing every moment and encouraging fans to feel the emotion in their song.

With hopes of making it to the Grand Final, Gåte remains humble yet optimistic about their chances. They emphasize the camaraderie among contestants, focusing on mutual support rather than competition. As they prepare for the semifinal 2, they invite fans to share in their journey and experience the diversity and emotion of Eurovision. With a heartfelt message, they express gratitude to fans and encourage everyone to tune in to the semifinals and, hopefully, the final as well.