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Farkas Jenser Balázs: “Liar” means to be cheeky, fresh, full of little mischievous details” (Hungarian participant – Interview)

ESC+Plus has talked to Farkas Jenser Balázs, one of the lucky chosen acts to compete at the Hungarian national selection for Eurovision 2015. Farkas will sing “Liar” at the Hungarian “A Dal”.

ESC+Plus: Hello! Firstly we would like to know more about you. Can you tell us about you, your musical career…?

Hi! Sure – What really matters to me is that I’ve been singing and playing instruments since I was 3 – I play 3 instruments (clarinet, a bit of piano, and guitar), I really love blues music, and most people know me from when I was in the Hungarian talent search program, Megastar.

After the show, I continued to tour with my trio, which turned out to be really interesting, as three instruments and one vocal make it a real challenge to make everything sound good.

E+: Why did you decide to enter “A Dal” 2015?

I felt that the song that Bence, Kata and I wrote, was absolutely worth a shot to take to a stage that would be viewed internationally – I hope we make it to Vienna!

E+: What it would mean for you to represent Hungary in Vienna?

It would be a true honour – I know my song isn’t the typical “we-wanna-fill-the-world-with-puppies-and-softness” song – we felt that maybe all this serious stuff deserves a bit of a lighter topic. For instance, falling in love, and not being able to hide it “back home”. I’m sure many people can resonate with the story 🙂

E+: Your song is called “Liar”. Can you tell us about the song and the story behind the lyrics?

It’s a song that means to be cheeky, fresh, full of little mischievous details that make it feel like the walk of a guy who knows that all the ladies’ eyes are on him… The song itself tells the story of when one gets “lightning struck”, and can feel the attraction, the rush creeping up on him / her, and also knows where this is leading to… But at the same time, it doesn’t dramatize the situation, much rather views it from a perspective that could be called cheeky, naughty.



E+: How was the work with the composers of “Liar” Bence Péter and Kata Kozma?

They are truly talented guys, Kata gave the song great lyrics, and Bence is a true virtuoso and a great song writer, not to mention production skills, and diligence. One of my most effective cooperation to date, which is really saying something!

E+: How are you preparing your A Dal performance? Can you reveal us anything about it?

Practice, practice, practice 🙂 Maybe spend some time looking for clothes…But practice is the most important part 🙂

E+: What are your main strengths so as to get the support of the juries and televote to reach Eurovision?

We really are a group of dedicated musicians, who brought this song to life from their own talent, their own energy, their own money. No management. No fancy publisher. No marketing plan and agenda, no market research or “hype”. We just play music. We dreamt this song. We want to see it through as far as we can. And that is all there is to say about it.

E+: If you win “A Dal” 2015, would you sing in English or Hungarian at Eurovision? Would you make a new version?

Well, Hungarian would be unthinkable for me as this song really works well with its English lyrics. I guess, we’d refine the details, but I’ve learned to “let go” of my songs at a given point and just take them forward in the form that I ended up with.

E+: What can this competition contribute to your musical career?

Absolutely! Attention, and possible fans or supporters are all great things in our eyes, and many people, home and abroad, pay attention to Eurovision.



E+: Do you have any favorite song among the other “A Dal” 2015 participants?

Very much so. “Pankastic” is a truly unique band, with a great song that I really came to like! “Leander Rising” is also amazing in their genre. “Ív” wrote a great song too, named “Fire”.

E+: Do you usually watch Eurovision? Do you have any favorite song in the history of the contest?

Yep, last year’s Netherlands song, “Calm after the storm” was great!

E+: Finally, would you like to send a message to our readers?

I hope you came to like me, even just a bit, in these few minutes – if you feel like it, give my song a listen!

You can follow Farkas Jenser Balázs on his Official Facebook Page.

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