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Hungary: AWS releases English versions of ‘FEKETE RÉSZEM!’ and ‘X/0’

It has over a year since AWS won A Dal 2018 and began their journey to Lisbon. The metal rock entry was something that was not typical for Eurovision, but managed to win fans along the way. The band was able to qualify for the final and gained international exposure.

Now, as a thank you to their international fans, the band has decided to record four of the songs from their most recent album in English and publish videos for them as well.

The first two songs released are titled, ‘My beautiful black part’ and ‘X/O’. Both of these were singles released locally in Hungary.

The band is getting ready for a big show in Budapest in late May.  Their current tour schedule is below

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It is nice to see AWS continue to connect with a worldwide audience in this way. Let’s hope there will be more artists in 2019 that will emerge and find new listeners around the globe.

Source:  Facebook
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