Greece: ERT is back!

Exciting news! The Greek broadcasting company ERT has just been relaunched! Their aim is to provide viewers with reliable and objective information when it comes to both local and international events.

ERT has quite a long history, it was first founded in 1938, then with the name “The Athens Radio Station”. However, television broadcasts did not start until the 1965 and full TV service was available in 1966. The name ERT came in the 1980’s, when the channel was renamed to ERT2.

Two years ago, on June 11 2013, the Greek government announced that ERT would close down by the end of the day. The broadcasting company had at that point 2.656 employees, which all lost their job. The reason was mainly to that government thought it was a “haven of waste” and that it cost more and had fewer viewers than other TV stations. The EBU was quick to criticise the closure, and released a statement which stated “profound dismay on behalf on Europe’s entire public service media.” They urged the prime minister to reverse the decision.

Panos Haritos, who has worked with ERT for over 20 years, will be in charge of presenting the news bulletin for today which will be repeated again later, at 21.00. During the day, a morning update has been broadcasted at 6.00 with the reporters Nikos Angelidis and Haina Basilica (watch video below). At 10.00 Marilena Kasimi and John Darra took over, succeeded by Fanis Papathanasiou and Marion Michelidakis at 12.00.

In the afternoon, an informational EPT marathon will resume on the broadcast “On ERT” presented by Helen Chronas and Andreas Roditis. All news will be presented during the main update at 21.00 and will provide an overview of the whole day.

ERT is an active EBU member which was eventually replaced by NERIT to take part at Eurovision 2014 and 2015. As a result, they are eligible to compete at Eurovision again.


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