Greece: ERT holds Demy’s press conference

ERT held a press conference for their Eurovision representative Demy which ended a while ago. At the press conference were present Demy, Fokas Evangelinos, Dimitris Kontopoulos, Dionisis Tsaknis (president of ERT’s board council), Lampis Tagmatarhis (ERT’s CEO), Maria Kozakou & Giorgos Kapoutzidis (commentators).

Dionisis Tsaknis said “I am very delighted to welcome Fokas Evangelinos and Dimitris Kontopoulos as well as this great girl, Demy. ERT decided that Greece should be represented by a group of people who have proven themselves many times. We will try our best for a stunning performance. I also welcome Maria Kozakou and Giorgos Kapoutzidis who will be our commentators even in 2017.”

ERT’s CEO, Lampis Tagmatarhis underlined that the expenses will be solely covered by Panik Records.

Choreographer and stage director Fokas Evangelinos said the best about his partner Dimitris Kontopoulos. “It’s an honor for me to work with Dimitris. We are a strong team. I also admire Demy. She has a great voice and is a very humble person. I will do my best so that Greece will have a decent presence in Kiyv. I don’t believe in the power of money but in ideas that can bring a great result.”

The composer of the Greek entry Dimitris Kontopoulos stated that there is no “recipe” to win Eurovision. He believes that the stage performance has a big effect on the final result. “The song with which Demy will compete in Kiyv must be well connected to Fokas’ choreography and staging. We would like to thank ERT for this opportunity.” He also mentioned that all the songs are in English because this is the way to send a message that everyone understands.

Demy on her part, said “I am very happy that I am going to work with this team because I feel safe with them. I would also like to thank ERT for her vote of trust and support as well as Panik Records. I love all three songs and I can picture myself on stage performing any of them. Of course I have a slight preference for one of them but I’m not going to tell you which one it is. I am happy that we have found sponsors who will help us financially and that there won’t be any damage done to ERT.”

The Greek song will be chosen in the beginning of March by televoting. However, ERT is considering the possibility of forming a jury in countries with Greek diaspora.


About Ifigeneia Filippidou (Greece/Sweden)

Ifigeneia Filippidou (Greece/Sweden)

I’m Ifi from Greece (living in Sweden since September 2010). I became a huge Eurovision fan in 2002 when I accidentally watched it on tv. I also love Melodifestivalen! I’m following the live shows since 2008 and since I moved to Sweden I’ve attended every final. I try to follow as many national finals as possible every year. And I’m also the biggest Alcazar fan!
See you around! :)

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