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Greece 2023: Song Presentation “possibly” postponed

Greek media are reporting that the song presentation of Greece by Victor Vernicos may be postponed. This presentation was scheduled for March 6th 2023.

Two scenarios for “possible” postponement

There are two scenarios for the “possible” postponement of the Greek 2023 entry of Victor Vernicos’ “What They Say”.

  • On February 28th 2023 two trains have collided head-on in central Greece. 57 people died and 85 were injured due to the crash, making this train crash the deadliest in Greece since 1968 and the deadliest in Europe since 2013. There is a period of national mourning for the victims, which also means that TV stations in Greece changed their programming, including the national broadcaster of Greece, ERT.
  • The other reason for the “possible” postponement might be the ongoing court case between 2023 internal contestant, Melissa Mantzoukis, and the national broadcaster of Greece, ERT. Melissa has filed for legal actions against ERT, because Melissa and her legal team believe that there have been grave errors made during the internal selection process to find the 2023 Eurovision entrant of Greece, i.e. of the number of jurors that were judging the internal contestants two members had to withdraw, and still the vote went on as planned before, without changing the maximum number of points that could be divided among the contestants. If the court decides in favour of Melissa Mantzoukis, then ERT has to stop all activities related to Eurovision 2023. The decision of the court will be revealed tomorrow.

In the past couple of days ERT did not give a public statement on the matter.

Source: ERT, Melissa Mantzoukis

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