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Greece 2023: Greek court has not decided in Melissa Mantzouki’s favour

The Greek court of justice has not decided in Melissa Mantzoukis’ favour, which means that there will be no temporary injunction when it comes down to the Eurovision 2023 proceedings of Greece.

Melissa Mantzoukis VS. ERT

Last month internal Greek contestant Melissa Mantzoukis and her legal team filed a lawsuit against the Greek national broadcaster, ERT. The reason for this matter is that Melissa and her team believed that grave mistakes have been made when it comes down to how this year’s Greek representative has been chosen. Melissa tried to block the Greek selection process, but because there has already been a winner, and the deadline of the Greek selection process has passed, there is no reason anymore to go through with withholding the selection process. This means that Greece can proceed with its chosen entrant, Victor Vernicos and his song “What They Say”, like before. There might be sanctions for ERT after the contest, but for now the coast is clear.

About Melissa Mantzoukis

Melissa Mantzoukis was an internal entrant of the Greek selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Last year Melissa reached the final of the popular German singing talent show, “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, which is an equivalent of the international successful TV format, “Idols”.

Melissa was one of the three internal entrants that made it to the last phase of the Greek selection process. After ERT announced Victor Vernicos as the winner, the legal team of Melissa filed for a court order, and today the outcome of this order was announced. Melissa’s plan was to freeze further proceedings of ERT when it comes down to the contest of 2023, but Melissa also wanted to be recognized as the winner, next to claims for damages, like moral damages due to the alleged false outcome of the selection process.

Source: Deutschland sucht den Superstar

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