Germany: Possible list of candidates leaked!

The possible list of candidates that will be competing to represent Germany has been leaked!

  1. Benne:
  2. Boy:
  3. Cäthe:
  4. Joris:
  5. Hartman:
  6. Malky:
  7. Mia:
  8. Miu:
  9. Namika:
  10. Nmal:
  11. Olli Schulz:
  12. Wilhelm:

The 12 rumoured participants of the German national selection have been leaked via the official website, as the image URL of all them has been found out.

A few weeks ago, NDR held a press conference to clarify everything after the withdrawal of the internally selected Xavier Naidoo. The broadcaster then confirmed that the German representative for Stockholm will be chosen from a national selection to take place in February or March, with the audience voting for their favourites.

Source : eurovisionhotnews



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