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German NDR reaffirms “We will not participate in Junior Eurovision 2015”

UPDATE: Junior Eurovision: German NDR clarifies internal confusion, participation yet to be decided!

After recent reports that stated the German broadcaster NDR hadn’t ruled out their participation at Junior Eurovision 2015, a ESC+Plus contributor contacted the broadcaster to get more information on this matter.

Once again, NDR has confirmed they won’t be taking part at this year’s Junior Eurovision. This decision was taken due to the low-interest in this event among the German viewers.

See a screen-shot below:


The German broadcaster showed interest in past editions and they even sent observers to these shows but, it seems Junior Eurovision would not be a success under the German standards.

The other German EBU member, ZDF, isn’t ruled out yet so, we will be waiting for a response to confirm if Germany will take part at Junior Eurovision 2015. ZDF sent observers to the last year’s edition which means they could be interested in joining the competition.

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