Finland launches UMK 2016!

Finland launches their national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Authors, bands, artists, producers and record companies are asked to submit their entries! The entries will be submitted from Tuesday, 1st of September at 12 am until Tuesday 8th of September at 12 am.

New UMK rules have now been published. Rules in English can be viewed here.

UMK Rules in brief

1. The submitted entry must be unpublished.

2. Performers must be 16 years of age and/or should turn 16 until 10.5.2016 at the latest.

3. At least one of the writers and the lead singer(s) has to be a Finnish citizen or live in Finland permanently.

4. Artists may take part as solo singers in just one song but they can be group members in another song. The creators of the songs (writers, lyricists, arrangers) may participate with numerous entries.

5. The duration of a demo version is not limited and the performing team shall not exceed six persons.

6. The required materials must be sent to YLE from September 1 to September 8, 2015 in digital format (no cd!)

7. When submitting material you agree to the rules of competition and the competitive process.

8. Winning UMK, means that the winner must comply to the EBU rules – for example, the duration of the song is not longer than 3 minutes.

10. UMK-winner represents Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2016

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