Finland: Krista Siegfrids (2013) and Roope Salminen to host UMK 2016, participants on January 12!

Contestants for the Finnish national selection in 2016 have been selected and will be unveiled in January!

The announcement will take place on YLE’s website at 12:00 on Tuesday 12th January. UMK starts airing on YLE TV2 in February.

The hosts have been revealed and are no others than Roope Salminen and Krista Sigfrieds. Krista represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö in 2013. This couple has just been revealed during a special broadcast held on . It will be the first Krista presents a show like this, but her expectations are high. Roope on the other hand, is no stranger to hosting, as he previously hosted season 4 of  Uuden Musiikin Kilpailun during spring 2015

The presenters have not yet heard the songs, but they are excited to. Krista mentions that she is looking forward to meeting all of the competitors and hearing the songs from the first time. According to Krista, both ESC and UMK are big events, which always brings out crazy and funny stuff and she is excited to see this whole roller coaster started. Roope, who hosted the UMK in 2014, is speculating on how the season will take course. He thinks that it will be a tough competition this year.

This duo has also recorded song together, as a way of kicking off the new UMK-season. Among the writers is Roope Salminen himself, who praises to vocal ability of his colleague Krista.

“The song has been finalised with Jarkko Enqvist and it was nice to compose. It’s a good pop song, and it was nice making music with Krista. She is clever and a self-ironic singer.”

UMK16 // Juontoharjoitukset (Krista Siegfrids & Roope Salminen)

Ding dong ja madafakin vuf! Krista Siegfrids Official ja Roope Salminen Roope Salminen & Koirat -bändistä juontavat Uuden Musiikin Kilpailun 2016! Huippuvalinnat, eikö! 😉 Uuden UMK-kauden startiksi Krista & Roope alkoivat heti hioa juontokemioitaan yhteen ja tekivät aika huikean yhteisbiisin & -videon nimeltä Juontoharjoitukset. UMK-kilpailijat paljastetaan 12.1. ja Yle TV2:lla lähetykset alkavat helmikuussa. Lue lisää tästä linkistä:

Geplaatst door Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu (UMK) op vrijdag 6 november 2015

How much are you looking forward to UMK 2016?

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