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Eurovision: Monaco is launching its new broadcaster on September 1st 2023

The all-new broadcaster of the mini state, Monaco, will launch on September 1st of this year. The name of the new broadcaster will be “TVMONACO”.


On April 15th 2023 the launch date for the new public broadcaster of Monaco, TVMONACO, was disclosed; it will be launched on September 1st 2023. The managers of the new network will be Salim Zegdhar and Nathalie Biancolli. More news about the matter was announced on  April 18th on MIPTV.

The all-new TVMONACO team will move to its studios and offices in Fontvieille (France) in the month of July 2023. The launch of the new channel started when Monaco allocated 100,000 euro in 2022 to return to the Eurovision Song Contest. The last Eurovision participation of Monaco dates back from 2006.

TVMonaco logo
Source: Advanced Television

Monaco in the Eurovision Song Contest

The first time Monaco entered the Eurovision Song Contest was in 1959, and they won once in 1971 when Séverine song the classic Eurovision song “Un banc, une arbre, une rue”. Monaco participated in the contest until 1980, and after they withdrew, until 2004, but they withdrew again in 2006. Their ‘00’s entries did all not make it into the Grand Final; the best result was in 2006 when they finished 21st in the Semi-final (back then there was just one Semi-final). The participation of Monaco were overseen by the Principality and not the broadcaster TMC. In 2009 Monaco wanted to re-enter the contest, but the plan was abandoned.

In case Monaco wants to participate again in the contest they need to regain membership in the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). They need to get this membership before December 2023 to be able to participate in the contest of 2024.


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