Eurovision Junior Eurovision 2023

Eurovision Junior 2023 Album Hits Digital Shelves

Get ready for the 21st Eurovision Junior celebration in Nice as the official album is released by the European Broadcasting Union.

Following the trend of previous years, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), in partnership with Universal Music, offers fans of the competition the chance to purchase the digital format album. In line with previous editions since 2015, this release does not include instrumental versions of the participating songs in this new edition. The album will only feature the studio versions of the various entries that make up the competition.

As of now, the European Broadcasting Union has not made any new announcements. Therefore, the digital format appears to be the sole option for the most devoted fans of the competition to acquire a copy of the 2023 Junior Eurovision edition album. The compilation’s cover follows the style of previous editions, unlike the senior version of the competition’s albums, there is no additional text included other than the competition’s own motto.

Below is the final list of songs on the album:

  • 1. Viola Gjyzeli “Bota Ime” Albania 3:01
  • 2. Yan Girls “Do It My Way”  Armenia 2:20
  • 3. Arhanna Sandra Arbma “Hoiame Kokku”  Estonia 2:58
  • 4. Zoé Clauzure “Coeur” France 3:00
  • 5. Anastasia & Ranina “Over the sky” Georgia 3:01
  • 6. FIA “Ohne Worte”  Germany 2:49
  • 7. Jessica McKean “Aisling” Ireland 3:01
  • 8. Melissa & Ranya “Un Mondo Giusto” italy 3:01
  • 9. Yulan Law “Stronger” Malta 2:53
  • 10. Sep & Jasmijn “Holding On To You”  Netherlands 3:00
  • 11. Tamara Grujevska “Kaži Mi, Kaži Mi Koj” North Macedonia 3:01
  • 12. Maja Krzyżewska “I Just Need a Friend” Poland 2:57
  • 13. Júlia Machado “Where I Belong”  Portugal 2:56
  • 14. Sandra Valero “Loviu” Spain 2:58
  • 15. Anastasia Dymyd “Kvitka”  Ukraine 2:50
  • 16. STAND UNIQU3 “Back To Life”  United Kingdom 2:58

Furthermore, all the songs from the album can be listened separately on major digital platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal, Deezer, or YouTube Music. The album cover follows the style of previous editions, with no alternative text included other than the competition’s own slogan, unlike the senior Eurovision albums, which feature phrases like “All XX songs from the show.”

Here’s the cover of the Junior Eurovision 2023 album.

Official Junior Eurovision 2023 Album Cover. Source: EBU

Please remember that you can vote for your favorite entries in the official ESCPlus poll, and if you’re unsure about your favorites, you can continue using our “sorter” to create your top 10 below.

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2023
Spain: Sandra Valero - Loviu
Netherlands: Sep & Jasmijn - Holding On to You
France: Zoé Clauzure - Cœur
United Kingdom: STAND UNIQU3 - Back to Life
Armenia: Yan Girls - Do It My Way
Germany: FIA - Ohne Worte
Portugal: Júlia Machado - Where I Belong
North Macedonia: Tamara Grujeska - Kaži mi, kaži mi koj
Ukraine: Anastasia Dymyd - Kvitka
Ireland: Jessica McKean - Aisling
Estonia: Arhanna - Hoiame kokku
Poland: Maja Krzyżewska - I Just Need a Friend
Italy: Melissa & Ranya - Un mondo giusto
Georgia: Anastasia & Ranina - Over the Sky
Malta: Yulan - Stronger
Albania: Viola Gjyzeli - Bota ime
Number of voters: 1045

What to Expect at Junior Eurovision 2023

The highly anticipated Junior Eurovision 2023 is marked on the calendar for Sunday, November 26, and will take place in the beautiful coastal city of Nice, France, under the inspiring motto “Heroes.” Organizers anticipate an event filled with exciting surprises and memorable moments.

This year, the French delegation, honored to host the 21st edition of this children’s contest, has chosen the southern part of the country as the location for its headquarters, particularly the majestic Palais Nikaia. This splendid complex, also known as the “temple of music,” opened its doors to the public on April 4, 2001, and boasts an impressive area of over 9,000 square meters, providing the perfect stage to accommodate the new edition. The Palais Nikaia stands as the ideal venue to host Junior Eurovision 2023, promising a dazzling show featuring young talent.

The French nation is brimming with excitement to take on the responsibility of hosting Eurovision Junior following their experience in Paris in 2021, and is committed to delivering a top-quality show, maintaining the iconic Eurovision standard. The aim is for this 21st edition to be a “unique and unrepeatable” festival. France Télévisions will put every effort into organizing Junior Eurovision at an exceptional level.

In the previous year, the city of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, once again served as the stage for this competition, having previously hosted it in 2011. On that occasion, France surprised everyone by clinching victory thanks to the dazzling performance of Lissandro and his song “Oh Maman!” His charisma and energy elevated him to the pinnacle of the competition, captivating both national juries and online viewers, earning a total of 203 points and the coveted crystal microphone.


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