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Eurovision: Forever “United By Music”

Today (14-11-2023) it became known that last contest’s slogan, “United By Music”, will remain the slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest for years to come, so also of the upcoming contest in Malmö, Sweden.

United By Music

The slogan of the 2023 contest in Liverpool (UK), that was organized together with war-stricken Ukraine, winner of the 2022 contest, was “United By Music”. The national broadcaster of Sweden and the Reference Group now have decided that this slogan will remain the slogan of the contest from the 2024 contest onwards.

The reason why the slogan remains the same

The reason why the slogan remains the same from now on is because of global brand strategy and to ensure continuity. Giving the contest one slogan gives the contest more of an annual returning character. Next to this, the slogan, United By Music, fully reflects the reason why the contest came to being some years after the Second World War.

Eurovision 2024

The artwork will change for the contest of 2024 in Sweden, but the slogan will not. More information about this artwork, but also the ticket sales, the list of participating countries, and more will be revealed soon.
Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel

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