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🇪🇸Benidorm Fest 2024 starting off its engines: Who will be taking over Blanca Paloma in Malmö?

Things are getting exciting in the south of Spain this Saturday 11th of November, as the 16 names of the acts for Benidorm Fest 2024 are being revealed at the Latin Grammy's 2023 opening act

It’s almost time to find out the 16 names of the Benidorm Fest 2024 contestants list. Indeed, in less than 48 hours, the names of the potential Spanish representatives in Malmo will be revealed. Last 10th of October 2023, the reception of the songs trying to own one of the 16 spots at the live shows of Benidorm Fest happening next January 2024, which will be seeing the first semifinal on Tuesday 30th of January, second semifinal on Thursday 1st of February and Grand Final on Saturday 3rd of February, was closed. A total of 825 entries were received once the submission window closed, and now is about time to get to know the 16 acts that will be fighting for the Benidorm Fest trophy following Chanel’s and Blanca Paloma’s steps.

The announcement will happen in the Andalucian city of Sevilla, where the Latin Grammy Awards 2024 will be happening next 16th of November. Coinciding with the kick-off of the Latin Grammy Awards week, RTVE will be holding a press conference this Saturday 11th of November announcing the 16 participants of Benidorm Fest 2024 at 18:30h CET in the Teatro Alameda (Calle credito 13, Sevilla) that we will be broadcasting live at EscPlus live. General audience can also get their tickets on Friday 10th of November at 17:00h CET at the box office of the Teatro Alameda until all the tickets are sold out and maximum capacity of the theatre is reached.

Prior to Saturday’s big announcement, at ESC Plus we wanted to bring you a list of internationally relevant acts that have either openly confirmed that they submitted songs for Benidorm Fest 2024, or that have suggested or hinted they might have done it or that they were working at some point on an entry for Benidorm Fest 2024. The following potential candidates have a link to Eurovision Song Contest in a way or another such as having participated in previous years’ Spanish national finals, have participated in Operacion Triunfo (the talent show that was used to choose the Spanish entry for Euriovision during several years) or have collaborated with previous Spanish representatives at the big contest and have been under the radar for some time.

So, let’s stop with introductions and VÁMONOS!


The rock band from Madrid aren’t new to the Eurovision family, as after trying to represent Spain at ESC2022 and failing to make the cut, they finally had their chance of defending their entry “Arcadia” at Benidorm Fest 2023 where they came in 4th position. Kenzy, the lead singer, was undoubtedly, one of the best voices of last years’ Benidorm Fest, and they proved us they know how to set the stage on fire with their amazing vocals, above the roof energy and electrifying performances.

They confirmed they won’t stop trying until Spain sends a rock entry to ESC, and this summer they have been working on an even better and more amazing song than “Arcadia” to finally make their dream come true. Is this is the year when Spain will be sending finally a rock entry to Eurovision? We shall see.


GOMZ (Raúl Gómez), isn’t a new face to the Spain Eurovision world. The young singer and songwriter from Sevilla who is characterised by his flawless songwriting style, warm and soft voice and virtuosity with the instruments, wrote the Spanish entry for ESC2018 “Tu cancion”: by Alfred and Amaia, a fan favourite entry in Spain which, sadly, ended at the bottom of the scoreboard in 23rd position.

He was the winner of the first edition of “El numero uno”, a famous talent show in Spain, as he proved he had the charisma, talent and determination to become a notorious name in the Spanish music industry. He has been writing music for big Spanish and Latinoamerican singers such as Lola Indigo and Danna Paola, and now he confirmed he has recently been working on his own project and he’s ready to enter Benidorm Fest with a song true to himself, int he undertones of what Alice Wonder sent last year to the Spanish competition.


Javy Ramirez rose to fame when he took part in Operacion Triunfo 2020 (OT 2020), which has been used as the Spanish national final to choose the Eurovision acts several years in a row (2001, 2002, 2018 and 2019. but not 2020).

Even if he was eliminated fairly early in the competition, his song “Que sabra Neruda?” was a hit in Spain that year. He promises to bring something in the style of that song- a Spanish singer/songwriter soft pop full of personal stories and soft melodies, just such as his voice. Coming form the south of Spain, we can also expect his song to have some touches of flamenco.


Jorge Gonzalez is a singer and performer from Madrid with Romani roots. He arose to fame when taking part in OT2006, and he tried his luck at Eurovision in Spain by taking part in the Spanish national finals in 2009 with his song “Si yo vengo a enamorarte” where he came 9th, and in 2014 with the song “Aunque se acabe el mundo” when he came third.

His dream has always been to represent Spain in ESC and bring that multicultural diversity and latin pop sounds to the competition. We know he can dance and his vocals are very good, so we can’t wait to see what he’s bringing to Benidorm Fest this year, Hopefully an upbeat dance number with Spanish and Latinoamerican influences.


Noelia Franco is a ver familiar face as she took part in OT2018. where she came 11th overall, but as that year the talent show was used to select the Spanish entry for ESC 2019 in Tel Aviv (who ended up being Miki with “La venda”), she was under the eurofans radar that year. With her song “Hoy vuelvo a reir otra vez” written by Alex Ubago (a very famous Spanish singer/songwriter), a song in the style of “Quedate Conmigo” by Pastora Soler (Spain ESC2012, who came 10th that year), came 4th overall on that year’s national finals, being one of the fan favourites to represent Spain that year in the music contest in Israel.

She confirmed that she has been working on very interesting and promising songs for Benidorm Fest, so we are rooting to see her at Benidorm Fest with a power ballad, as she really shines in these kind of songs.


Another OT alumni, Julia Medina took part in OT2018 coming 5th overall. Again, in the show to choose the Spanish representative in ESC2019 in Tel Aviv, Julia sang “Que quieres que haga”, written by India Martinez, a name that has been in the Spanish eurofans’ wish list for quite some time, and who shares music style and way of signing with Julia: a soft, sweet and soulful voice. She really shines in the Spanish pop ballads, and we are sure she can easily touch Europe’s hearts with her voice and beautiful lyrics.

She is not new to Beniform Fest, as she’s the ex-partner of Gonzalo Hermida, who took part in Beniform Fest 2022, year that Chanel won with her “Slomo”. Sadly, and due to COVID19 infection, he couldn’t perform live at the shows, but he still managed to reach the final. He was the whole time accompanied and supported by Julia, who was involved in the songwriting process and artistic side of the performance of his entry “Quien lo diria”, so she knows how the competition works and how demanding the competition is. She is now also taking part in “Duos increibles” a show from RTVE whose lots of its contestants have been rumoured to have submitted songs for Benidorm Fest 2024. Will we be seeing Julia on the list of 16 artists for Benidorm Fest 2024? Let’s see.


The relationship of Nerea Rodriguez, another Operacion Triunfo 2017, with Eurovision is s very special one. She came 8th in show, but her best performance on the show, was Pastora Soler’s “Quedate conmigo”, when even the one and only Pastora Soler praised her for her flawless interpretation of her Eurovision hit.

Having a musical theatre education, her strength are the high notes and pop songs. She confirmed that even is she is not entering with a very Eurovision like song to Benidorm Fest, her song is a very personal and important one for her. She has been releasing songs in the pop-rock style recently, so this could give us a hint of what she’s trying to represent Spain with in Malmo.


Mario Jefferson is not a new face to the Eurovision world at all. Half Andalucian and half British, this special and charismatic singer and songwriter has been fighting for the Spanish Eurovision ticket for long time. He took part in X factor 2008, OT2011 and finally in the Spanish National Final in 2017, with his song “Spin my head” that came 5th overall.

He has a very unique high pitch voice, and he can definitely dance, so we can expect a fresh and internationally sounding song that can appeal to both Spanish and European audience.


The last OT alumni of the list is Hugo Cobos, who took part in OT2020 being one of the fan favourites to win the whole competition. He performed “Heroes” by Måns Zelmerlöw, winning song of ESC2015 from Sweden, proving that Hugo is a big Eurofan,

His music is characterised by urban, dance and pop sounds, combined with dynamic and catchy performances, matching is young and fresh aesthetics. He promises to bring to Benidorm Fest a dance and urban number full of energy and stamina in the style of Luca Hänni (Switzerland 2019) or Mikolas Josef (Czech Republic 2018).


The Romanian born but Spain based singer Adriana Moraru, entered Selecția Națională 2023, the national final for Romania 2023 with her song “Faralaes”, so she is not new to the Eurovision universe.

She’s trying her luck this year at Benidorm fest with her song “Diva” trying to represent the Romanian community in Spain and bring a mix of Romanian and Spanish influences to the stage in Benidorm.


And finally, and closing this list, is Abraham Mateo, a very trendy and famous singer songwriter from south of Spain, who rose to fame in his childhood and has been working very hard to grow both nationally and internationally by writing music for several singers.

Linked to Eurovision due to his collaborations with Ana Mena (San Remo 2022 and one of the biggest starts in Spain nowadays), Sofia Martin (Benidorm Fest 2023) and most recently Chanel (Benidorm Fest 2022 winner), Abraham had with Chanel the song of the summer “Clavaito” which had all the eurofans rooting for him to enter Benidorm Fest 2024 with a song in this trend.

His amazing vocals, current style, catchy melodies and amazing stage presence are the perfect mix for mimicking Chanel’s success in Benidorm with an urban sounding international pop banger with Spanish pop and Raggaeton sounds. Will the biggest dream of the Spanish eurofans comen true this year and will Abraham be shortlisted as one of the 16 participants for Benidorm Fest 2024? We hope so!

These are just a handful number of singers we decided to list for their link to the contest and the big potential and chances of being shortlisted as one of the 16 acts competing in Beniform next January for the Spanish spot in Malmo. We now can just wait for few hours before finding out the final and true list of 16 acts, and start evaluating the songs competing in Benidorm Fest 2024 and then, start with predictions of who could be taking the crown in Benidorm next January 2024 and take over Blanca Paloma in Malmo, Sweden, next May 2024.

We can’t wait to find out the names and see how Benidorm Fest increases every year the quality of the acts and revisits the newly born festival who brought Spain back to the lead of the scoreboard in the previous couple of years! We are ready to fall in love with many unknown acts and get mesmerised by their huge talent, as RTVE as promised us.

Buena suerte to all the participants who have submitted an entry for Benidorm Fest 2024, and may the best act win!

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