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Eurovision In Concert: Huge news round-up!

A Record 28 participants, -1, and a ticket competition!

Just a couple of days ahead of the event itself, Eurovision in Concert had found its 28th participant! Michał Szpak of Poland was added to the already-record-breaking lineup!  Then Iveta Muchukyan pulled out of her performance and Minus One boys of Cyprus have a special surprise for you!

So much news coming from The Netherlands and the promotional concert ahead of this weekend.

First up, we got the news that Poland was going to inch the event closer to 30 than it had ever been before. EiC is a huge buzz-maker for the Eurovision Song Contest itself as well as for performers who are able to use it to their benefit properly. In the 8th Annual year, it seemed Mr. Szpak was going to be bringing his color to the event. For a list of the other performers, check out the last report, here.

Cut to some unrest in the disputed lands between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Nagorno-Karabakh, and the Armenian participant decided she would sit this one out, leaving EiC back to 27. Still a record number, but less than they had probably hoped. Even though the Eurovision Song Contest tends to be a facilitator between nations and differences, it seems that this dispute and tension will again send ripples through the community. Miss Muchukyan send this message to fans:

“My dear friends from Europe, I have made the decision to cancel my upcoming performance in AMSTERDAM for “Eurovision in Concert” event, as I mourn and pray for the peaceful Armenian people, who were horribly tortured and killed in The Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. I pray for the bravest soldiers, who died while defending our kids, our parents, our independence. War crimes are a result of hate, indifference, lack of love and understanding. It is our duty to condemn such brutal aggression and preach for love and peace.”

Back in 2009, Sirusho scandalously invoked the whole situation while presenting the Armenian points to the Russian hosts. As hostilities have supposedly stopped now, fingers crossed, we won’t see this unfortunate issue rear its head again come Stockholm.

Finally, a bit of good news. Even though tickets are sold out for the Hera Björk & Cornald Maas-hosted, Minus One, the Cypriot entry for Eurovision want you to join them at the event, and have started a competition on their Facebook page where six extremely lucky people could win entry tickets to the event! The original message from the Cypriots:

We are giving away 6 entrance tickets for the Eurovision in Concert that will take place in Amsterdam this Saturday! To enter the draw, simply like our page and share the “Alter Ego” video below. Lucky winners will be announced on Friday and will receive their tickets on Saturday by the members of Minus One in Amsterdam.

An incredibly generous and easy way to get in on the coveted event at the Melkweg! All you have to do is take a minute and LIKE, SHARE & WIN! Say hi to the boys when you get there!

Stay tuned to ESC+Plus for exclusive interviews, photos, and news coming from Eurovision In Concert! Visit the official Eurovision In Concert website here:

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