Eurovision board game to come out next week!

Yes, you read that correctly!

The Eurovision Song Contest has produced their very own board game and it is expected to be on sale from the official Eurovision shop on Monday.

Eurovision does offer a massive range of products in the build-up to the song contest.

But they also do sell some random items too.

Let’s not forget last year when they were, for the first time, selling over 300 replica Eurovision trophies. Just so you could pretend to celebrate winning the contest at home… maybe when the family are out.

We don’t know much detail about what the game is all about but this is what the product description tells us on the Eurovision Shop website: ‘CREATE YOUR OWN SONG CONTEST

‘Join the Eurovision Song Contest with your own entry and try to score as many points as possible! Test your knowledge prepare your own performance and participate in the most popular song contest! Will you get those 12 points?’

The only other things we know is what to expect in the box.

And they are:

  • 1 game board (obviously!)
  • 521 cards
  • 6 pawns
  • 1 dice
  • and 25 country chips (carton)

With Eurovision just a few weeks away, this is a perfect time to kill some time so we at ESCplus may just have to play a few rounds on the Eurovision board game before our trip to Lisbon 😉

What do you think the board game will consist of? 🤔

Share your thoughts with us by commenting below 👇

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