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Eurovision 2024: Several Dutch artists show an interest to compete

It has been ten days since Swedish Loreen won the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, and in the Netherlands artists are showing an interest to represent the Netherlands in the upcoming contest in Sweden.

The Dutch national broadcaster, AVROTROS, wants to take some time before choosing a new contestant, because apparently some things did not turn out as planned during the 2023 Eurovision season.


Young Dutch artist Meau admitted to being interested in representing the Netherlands while the 2023 contest was well on its way. Meau was inspired by the Dutch representative of the 2022 contest in Italy, S10 with her song “De Diepte” (came in 11th in the Grand Final); S10 is also a friend of Meau, and they are both known for singing in Dutch.

Source: Official Meau YouTube channel, Meau – 22 (2023)

Douwe Bob

Douwe Bob represented the Netherlands in the contest of 2016 with the song “Slow Down” (finishing 11th in the Grand Final). This singer admitted to wanting to return to the contest, and is waiting for the Dutch national broadcaster, AVROTROS, to invite him again to compete.

Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Douwe Bob – Slow Down (2016)

Kriss Kross Amsterdam

The brothers of Kriss Kross Amsterdam admitted to wanting to go to the contest to compete for the Netherlands, but they want the Dutch national broadcaster to ask them, and they do not want to send in a song that can get rejected. If they would get invited they want to produce an original song, and they want Davina Michelle to be the singer of the competing song. Davina Michelle became somewhat famous because of her interval performance during the Grand Final of the contest in the Netherlands back in 2021 during which she sang the song “The power of water”. Davina Michelle got discovered by world-famous singer Pink, and was also one of the supporting acts of Pink on one of her tours. Besides this, Kriss Kross Amsterdam is mostly known for collaborating with Dutch artists singing in Dutch, and remixing samples, but they also have a song with world-renowned rapper Shaggy, and they also produce fully original songs.

Eurovision 2023

In 2023 the Netherlands did not manage to reach the Grand Final, placing 13th out of 15 in Semi-final 1, when Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper represented this country with the song “Burning Daylight”. The failure to progress marked the second time the Netherlands did not manage to go to the Final since 2013; the first time Trijntje Oosterhuis did not get through with the song “Walk Along” in 2015 (Vienna, Austria).
Source: Official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel, Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper – Burning Daylight

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