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Eurovision 2023: What is going on concerning the contest of 2023?

In this article you can read all about what is going on in the land of Eurovision 2023. There have been preparations going on of course, and on ESCplus International you can read all about it. This article only focuses on the preparations of the separate participating countries of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.


As of the beginning of October 2022 a total of 106 songs were submitted to the Greek national broadcaster ERT. And for now this is even the highest number of submissions since 2021. Among the submissions are songs by Evangelia, Jimmy Sion, and Leon of Athens. An internal committee will select the artist and song that is going to represent Greece in the contest of 2023.


In Iceland song submissions are coming in gradually, but steadily, in October of 2022 Iceland’s national broadcaster RÚV has received 132 songs for their national Eurovision selection Söngvakeppnin 2023, but the submissions are less than the contest of 2022. The public national selection will entail 10 songs in total.

San Marino

The San Marinese will choose their 2023 representative with their national final again; the name of this final is “Una Voce Par San Marino’. In September of 2022 a total of 402 entries were submitted to the San Marinese public broadcaster, San Marino RTV.  

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Spain did really well in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, ending up in 3rd place. The way the Spanish decided on their representation in the contest was by a national selection, called “Benidorm Fest”. For 2023 this national selection will return. 876 songs are submitted to possibly compete in Benidorm Fest 2023. In October of 2022 the Spanish national broadcaster, RTBE, will announce which acts will compete in their national final.


For their 2023 representative Sweden is going to use their success formula Melodifestivalen again. In September of 2022 a total of 2,824 were submitted to compete in the Swedish national broadcaster. Eventually a total of 28 entries will compete in Melodifestivalen 2023. A professional jury will choose 14 entries and the Swedish national broadcaster (SVT) will also choose 14.


This year’s winner, Ukraine, has received up to 106 songs in October 2022. The public national final of the Ukrainian national selection, Vidbir 2023, will take place on December 17th 2022. The voting system will be shared between public votes and a professional jury that is chosen by the public. The winner of Vidbir 2023 will automatically be in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, as all previous winners of the contest are.

United Kingdom

After their runner-up position in 2022, and their host country role during the contest of 2023, the United Kingdom has decided to go big for the upcoming contest. To find the representative of the 2022 contest the BBC will be helped by TaP Music, a global management and music publishing company behind some of the world’s most successful pop artists, like: Mabel, London Grammar, and Lana del Rey.

Eurovision 2023

If there is any more news to share about the Eurovision Song Contest of 2023, you can read all about it on ESCplus International, so stay tuned!


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